Decorating with Mirrors

  • Mirrors make a room seem larger
    Not physically bigger, as the room will remain it’s original size. Mirrors offer an inexpensive way to make a room virtually appear bigger! Many interior designers decorate with mirrors to enhance elegance, making a long or dark hallway a brighter area in a home.
  • Check yourself before leaving home
    We know how important mirrors are in your home… especially if we have a special somewhere to go! Properly installing mirror(s) at the entrance of your home or front door is the perfect location. It’s the first thing people see when entering and the last thing they see when leaving. Mirrors reflect light from outside, as well, as inside; brightening up one’s entry way.
  • Placing mirrors opposite windows
    A room with small windows limits the amount of reflective light; however, if you place a mirror opposite the window the sunlight reflects off of it and leaves a beautiful reflection of light in any room.  Mirrors can be anything you desire them to be. From traditional, modern, contemporary, shabby chic, industrial – – – you name it! The choices are endless.  There’s framed mirrors, unframed with bevels or non-beveled. Some have clips, some have j-mold which is a channel the mirror resides in. Endless choices!
  • Wall Mirrors Transform A Room
    Some mirrored walls totally transform a room! Adding charm, warmth, elegance, and a decorative accent. You already know how a mirror can magically add depth and size to any room. Keep in mind where you place the mirrored wall . . . it can add color reflection from walls, accents, decor and emphasize and intrigue! Mirrors are timeless transformations and are a  versatile design accessory, which can be integrated into any design style.
DNA Dance Co., Roseville

Mirrors can make a room more soothing, sophisticated, attractive and feel lived in.  Call us today to assist with you design elements! 

Hall with big mirror
Hall in modern apartment with big mirror and passage to the rooms