Have a commercial glass need? We offer extensive experience with commercial glass installation. We offer  commercial plate glass, tempered glass, laminated glass and insulated glass repair and/or replacement.

We have fully trained installers trained in repairing/replacing:  commercial glass, entrance glass doors, door closures, aluminum framing in storefronts and office buildings.

We, also, have experience installing office glass panels, conference room glass, table tops, and stair railing systems. All of which enhance the ambiance and energy efficiency to any storefront or commercial office; while making it aesthetically pleasing to enhance any buildings character.

Allow Rocklin Glass & Mirror, Inc. to assist with your commercial or storefront glass needs.

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Stair Railings

Glass railing systems can be used in both exterior and interior applications such as balconies, terraces, porches, and staircases. Allow us to design your commercial or residential glass railing system.






Stylish, residential glass deck railing systems have a sleek contemporary appeal. They’ve gained popularity enclosing pool areas, spiral staircases, and balconies in homes.

Insulated Glass

An energy efficient home is a comfortable home! Making it either warmer or cooler; and will help in saving money on utilities, too. The type of glass material you choose is critical when it comes to energy efficiency!

Residential windows are generally referred to as either “single glazed” or “insulated,” dual panes. What’s the difference, you ask?

Single Glazed vs. Insulated Glass, the difference…
A single glazed window is constructed of a single pane of glass.  This means, this is the only barrier separating your home from the outside elements. A single glazed window can be up to 20-times less efficient than an insulated window when it comes to energy loss.

Insulated glass, or double glazed window, is constructed of two or more panes of glass, sealed with an insulated air spacer. Factory made insulated windows can be up to 100% more efficient than a single glazed equivalent.
Even if only one pane of glass is broken, the entire unit needs to be replaced because the seal has been broken.

UV protective coatings, LowE, is another option that prevents UV sun rays from penetrating through the glass, at a lower impact.

Even though the initial cost of insulated windows is higher than single glazed, insulated or double glazed windows will eventually pay for themselves by reducing energy costs, over time.

Storefront Entrances & Windows

Rocklin Glass & Mirror is a licensed California contractor with extensive experience in commercial storefronts. Our installers have more than 85-years experience installing storefront doors and windows; office panels; conference room glass.

We offer a full range of commercial glass services and architectural products to meet the needs of any commercial consumer.

We specialize in interior conference rooms; storefront metal and glass install and/or replacement glass; Mirropane™ (two-way) glass; and more.  We work, already, with several reputable and local contractors in our Placer County area who entrust us with all of their glass needs!

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Mirrors come in a variety of shapes, thickness, and color. Edge-work of mirrors are typically ground flat and seamed to save money.

However, want more elegant or fancy edge-work? We can special order beveled edge-work.  Beveled edges can consist of 1/2″ bevel up to 1.5″ depending on customer’s desire. They add elegance and a look of luxury to bathrooms.

Metal j-molding is also available for the mirror to sit in, i.e. “channel”, and comes in a variety of colors.

For commercial or residential, a mirrored wall can enhance a room making it appear larger than it is.

Dry Bar Salon Glass Shelving

Lighting, also, reflects off of the mirror for ambiance and elegance. Mirrors are an excellent choice for dance studios; gyms; personal weight rooms in your home; dining room areas, long and dark hallways, etc.

Call the shop to inquire or better yet, come in and take a look for yourself.  We are happy to help with your design and decor needs. We even have customer contractor’s who can build frames for mirrors, which we are happy to recommend.

Replacement of Failed Dual Panes

Dual pane replacement and/or insulated glass units is really a specialty that you should leave up to the professionals.

Insulated Glass Dual Pane

Not only is the exact size required, but usually the exact same thickness, overall, must be used for just the perfect fit!

Unfortunately, window manufacturers use a variety of thicknesses and components to make up the thickness and can vary from one manufacturer to another.

For instance, two insulated glass units may both be 1/2″ in total thickness but one may use single-strength for both panes while the other may use double-strength for both panes. The technical differences between the two types are minor in both appearance and costs.

Failed means the window has “fogged up” on the inside and the seal around the edges is broken which allows moisture inside the unit, and builds up condensation. The entire glass, insulated unit, then needs to be replaced.

What to expect with Rocklin Glass & Mirror

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