Framed vs. Frameless Shower Design

Framed vs. Frameless Shower Design

Bathrooms are an area of any home that is utilized daily. Creating the perfect atmosphere with stunning design and inclusion of modern contemporary features make sense.  Frameless glass showers, steam showers and tubs are the best choice for a flawless, modern and clean design.

While glass showers in the past required a metal frame, frameless glass shower doors add a minimalist appeal for stylish perfection with a ‘barely there’ effect.

Frameless showers are customized, which means you aren’t limited to mass-produced shower doors at a standard size, i.e. cookie cutter shower. Customization equals flexibility, giving the homeowner more options for a superior custom look and appeal. You, the Homeowner, choose the type of glass clear or decorative; thickness of glass; hardware; etc.

It turns the ordinary into the extraordinary!

The greatest benefit of a frameless shower is the way they look and influence the feel of any bathroom retreat.  Frameless, unfortunately, do not work in all bathrooms, it’s important to make sure you have enough room and setup prior to falling in love with a frameless shower door. Many homeowners prefer them because of their flexibility and design capabilities.

Framed shower doors are still very popular; however, the rage is Frameless!  Framed shower doors, however, can be made equally appealing with aesthetics such as hardware and tile options.

Framed shower doors provide stability and are more watertight, which can prevent spray out from your shower. You still can choose from clear or decorative glass options. Framed showers do come with some constraints, meaning they only open outward, which can be limiting in some occasions.
They can appear somewhat dated in comparison to a “Frameless Shower”.

Frameless Shower Doors offer more of a variety of design options. Choose from a range of styles, sizes and design options.  Doors can swing in or outward, for more flexibility especially when space can be an issue.  Frameless shower doors make a bathroom retreat feel more spacious; airier; and place an emphasis on other design choices you’ve made ~ such as tile.

Another great benefit of frameless shower – they allow light to travel through the shower and bathroom; making it airy and appear larger. Your shower can even be completely enclosed with a steam shower enclosure, and your bathroom will still feel light and open compliments to the frameless design.

When you invest in a stunning bathroom remodel, you desire the design of your bathroom to be fully enjoyed and appreciated.  With a frameless shower design, it provides transparency with no bars, metal and structural frames. The frameless doors allow guests to visually see the emphasis of the tile work, attention to details and hardware.

Frameless shower doors and enclosures are the leading choice for homeowners and bathroom remodels. Come in to discuss options and see photos of previously installed designs.  Barry has years of design experience and can help you visualize your options.