Commercial Storefront Glass Repair and Replacement

When it comes to commercial storefront, first impressions are lasting impressions! Beautiful and safe aesthetics are crucial to captivate your audience.

Architectural design and safety are crucial for interior and exterior commercial storefront glass

When choosing glass or doors for a commercial business consider the functionality of them first; decorative second. Do you want contents visible to the public or should the contents remain private?  Overall, the glass needs to be safe. For storefront doors the durability is crucial, since customer’s will be entering and exiting the doors on a daily basis, most likely.

Regular, annealed glass when it breaks – breaks into sharp pieces, which can be extremely dangerous.  Door glass must be tempered, which means if tempered glass breaks it breaks into a million tiny pebble like pieces. While this can be messy to clean up, it far safer than annealed.

Other options to consider are security is security glass, laminated glass.  It will not shatter into sharper, jagged pieces. When it broken the laminate glass with brake into what looks like a spider web. It is because the safety laminate holds the glass intact, more so.

Tempered glass is designed to break into a tiny pebble pieces; which helps prevent injury to customers who may be in the area when this happens.

For clarity give consideration to clear; frosted or privacy glass.  Privacy glass will still allow light to penetrate through. Frosted glass is used commonly in doctor or dental office settings; offices or spas.

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We understand how much your business means and what aesthetics mean to enhance customer’s to frequent your business.

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