Budgeting for Bathroom Remodel

Want to update the look, add resale value to your home, add functionality, amenities and storage to your bathroom?  Not a contractor! We recommend hiring the Pro’s to handle your dream remodel; including us for your dream shower; final glass and mirror touches to complete your bathroom retreat oasis.

A bathroom remodel typically runs $5,000 up to $20,000 depending on how elaborate you want to get. If your bathroom cabinets or vanity are in good shape you may decide to refinish or paint them.  You will probably want to swap out toilet, flooring, tile, sinks, hardware, window treatments, and more.

Lighting and fixtures will likely be replaced with newer ones for an up-to-date, more modern or contemporary look.

Capture farmhouse flare, rustic and design elegance with a frameless barn door style shower

Give us a call to help showcase your “dream shower!”  Barry’s got more than thirty-years experience assisting homeowners, like yourself, with design ideas. From types of glass, including decorative glass design, hardware, configuration ideas, hinges, etc. “He’s a Pro at heavy frameless and other designs”.

We were voted by our customer’s BEST OF THE BEST Glass Shop in 2018 (again).  We would love to help you with your home glass and mirror projects!



Heavy Frameless Showers Infuse A Sense of Calm Retreat

Frameless showers convey a “WOW” factor.  They change a track home bathroom into a custom bathroom retreat; providing elegance, a clean and modern look that most homeowner’s desire.

One mistake many home owners make is putting off the shower decisions until the end of the project. While the walls and tile must be complete before we can measure, why not get an idea what your options will be. We can help with design,  glass choices, edgework, hardware choices, all while your project is being completed.

The easiest way to introduce high-level elegance into any bathroom is with a frameless shower unit. It enhances simplicity, elegance, light, cleanliness and a sleek and modern look.

This shower shown in the photo has modern appeal with a classic farmhouse style. This is one configuration of many available options when considering a barn style, frameless shower enclosure.

Hardware options range from chrome, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze.

While there are many variations of this shower, our quality cannot compare to retail stores and is a custom made piece to fit a shower opening. This is not a generic, one-size fits all. It is custom made to fit the shower’s surrounded walls.

We work with many homeowners, contractors, designers, and more configuring shower retreats that match the homeowners remodel dreams and desires. We would enjoy working with you to provide the quality details you desire in a shower retreat.

Give us a call today to schedule your measure; or better yet come in and meet personally with Barry who can walk you through the entire process, painlessly.

Practical Facts About Windows & Efficiency

Facts About Windows & Efficiency

Today’s best dual-paned windows are about twice as effective at retaining heat and air conditioning as the single-paned units installed a couple of decades ago.

Windows can bring light and warmth, provide views, beautify inside and out and add tremendous value to your home. They also can let in the elements and intruders that put your home at risk.

That’s why windows – quality windows – must be considered an important investment. The cost of windows will depend on the type, dimensions, materials used, security features, the complexity of the installation, and, of course, the number of windows needed. Pricing is based on square footage plus installation.

Replacing old windows with new, energy-efficient models can really pay off in both aesthetic appeal and utility savings.

Low-E Glass

What is Low-E Glass & Does It Make Windows Energy Efficient?

Low-E, low-emissivity, glass was created to reduce the amount of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet light (UV) that comes through your glass, without minimizing transmission of light that enters your home. Heat and/or light absorbed by glass is either converted away by moving air or reradiated by the glass surface, i.e. Low-E coating.

Low-E windows have a microscopically thin coating, that is even thinner than a human hair! The low-e coating keeps temperatures in your home consistent by reflecting the interior temperature back inside.

Low-E Glass
Low-E, low-emissivity, glass minimizes the amount of IR and UV light that comes through glass