Three Important Faces in Our Business

Three Important Faces in Our Business

Three major people that are the back-bone to our business are Barry, Owner/Veteran; Dylan, Lead Installer; and Hillary, Customer Service.

We pride ourselves on being a small, family run business.

Dylan has worked with Barry since he was seventeen, learning all aspects of residential, commercial and auto glass. He’s a local guy and great family man, as well.

Hillary started working for us in August 2018 and provides top-quality customer service to our customer’s. Before glass she worked in the Home Health Industry and proves that her big-heart overflows to our customers.

After graduating high school in 1984, Barry joined the United States Army as a Mechanic and served three years in Germany. After service, he fell into the glass industry to help a friend who was starting his own glass business in Redding, California where he grew up.

Barry’s glass expertise and management knowledge has catapulted him in our own business venture, Rocklin Glass & Mirror, Inc.

Hillary, Customer Service

Barry, Owner/Veteran

Dylan ~ Lead Installer

Barry’s done automotive glass repair on high-end show cars featured in magazines such as Custom Rodder Magazine and Hot Rod Magazine. And, although we don’t provide automotive glass repair now, he has extensive year’s of experience installing and managing all aspects of glass and mirror; both residential and commercial.

Combined with our outstanding customer service provided by Dylan, Hillary, and our other Installers (David, Shawn and Will) we pride ourselves on our excellent reputation and quality service. We are most proud of our team who contributes daily to the success of our small business.