Interior Glass

Due to Covid-19, Shelter-In-Place, several of our customer’s are working from home offices now.

One of our customers requested these interior doors, installed, to operate transparently from their home office and be able to keep an eye on their families needs, as well.


Heavy Glass Interior Door Installed 10-6-2020

Conference Room, Interior Room
Interior Door Glass installed 10-6-2020

Fireplace and Wood Stove Glass

Tempered glass is not suitable for high temperature applications, such as wood burning stoves.  Standard tempered glass expands when heated and shrinks when cooled.

Ceramic glass such as PyroCeram Glass® and NeoCeram Glass ® have near zero thermal expansion which makes them very resistant to thermal shattering.

NeoCeram Glass® is not glass at all but is a heat resistant transparent ceramic that is used in high heat applications such as in wood stove glass, wood pellet stoves, coal burning applications, electric heaters, space heaters and high heat fireplaces where the heat source is close to the glass.

We offer both NeoCeram® and PyroCeram® ceramic glass.

Stair Railings

Glass railing systems can be used in both exterior and interior applications such as balconies, terraces, porches, and staircases. Allow us to design your commercial or residential glass railing system.






Stylish, residential glass deck railing systems have a sleek contemporary appeal. They’ve gained popularity enclosing pool areas, spiral staircases, and balconies in homes.

Glass Shelves

Glass shelves add elegance to any room or cabinetry. Specialized edge-work gives the glass a great appearance and most often requires special ordering. Glass shelves are a great alternative to wooden shelving, providing enhanced beauty, light reflecting, versatility and extra storage space, while being low maintenance, yet strong and durable.

Glass shelves do not disappoint! And can fit into nearly any interior design because they are available in a variety of sizes, custom ordered to fit your needs.

Unlike traditional wooden shelves that darken up a space, glass shelves allow light to reflect from above and below, enhancing the natural beauty of what you choose to display on them. You can even get creative with lighting above or under the glass shelves to create a beautiful under-lighting effect that can “wow” at night time.

Glass Shelves for Bar

Standard edge-work is our standard finish and is included at no extra charge on all pieces. We call this the seamed edge. This is perfect for items that will be installed so that the edges of the glass will not be seen, these edges are sanded smooth so the glass is safe to handle but it is not necessarily decorative. Our standard edge work will follow industry standard tolerances. This can be done in-house and does not require special ordering.

It is not unusual for the cost of edge-work to exceed the cost of the glass. Some edge work requires a thick glass. A beveled edge cannot be applied to single-strength glass. A flat polish edge is just like it sounds, “flat”; however, a pencil polish edge is more rounded like a pencil. Both flat and pencil polishes are special order. However, in-house we can do a flat grind edge, which is a more frosted matte edge finish. Small edge work details can impact the overall desire and effect you are wanting to create in a space.

Dry Bar Salon Glass Shelves and Mirrors behind shelving we installed







If you have a custom idea for your edge work, give us a call. There’s a good chance that we can do it for you.



Obscure and Patterned Glass

Obscure or patterned glass are defined by two main characteristics either “rolled” or “etched”.

Obscure and Patterned Glass
Obscure or Pattern Glass is typically used in kitchen cabinets, sidelites to entry doors, and bathroom windows

The rolled glass types have the pattern built right into the glass and it is all made when the glass is manufactured by either a rolled or impressed process or a cast using molds to create the pattern.

The etched process which tends to be somewhat more costly uses either a sand-blast or chemical process to abrade the surface of the glass in select areas while other areas may be protected with a mask. The etched process can usually be applied to virtually any thickness of glass while the rolled or cast process is sometime limited to certain thicknesses.

Patterned glass is popular in kitchen cabinetry, entry door sidelights, a transom which is a window above a door, bathroom windows and shower doors.

Flemish Doors installed by
CBC Rustic Designs, Rocklin

Visit our showroom to look at the samples of decorative glass available.

Insulated Glass

An energy efficient home is a comfortable home! Making it either warmer or cooler; and will help in saving money on utilities, too. The type of glass material you choose is critical when it comes to energy efficiency!

Residential windows are generally referred to as either “single glazed” or “insulated,” dual panes. What’s the difference, you ask?

Single Glazed vs. Insulated Glass, the difference…
A single glazed window is constructed of a single pane of glass.  This means, this is the only barrier separating your home from the outside elements. A single glazed window can be up to 20-times less efficient than an insulated window when it comes to energy loss.

Insulated glass, or double glazed window, is constructed of two or more panes of glass, sealed with an insulated air spacer. Factory made insulated windows can be up to 100% more efficient than a single glazed equivalent.
Even if only one pane of glass is broken, the entire unit needs to be replaced because the seal has been broken.

UV protective coatings, LowE, is another option that prevents UV sun rays from penetrating through the glass, at a lower impact.

Even though the initial cost of insulated windows is higher than single glazed, insulated or double glazed windows will eventually pay for themselves by reducing energy costs, over time.

Storefront Entrances & Windows

Rocklin Glass & Mirror is a licensed California contractor with extensive experience in commercial storefronts. Our installers have more than 85-years experience installing storefront doors and windows; office panels; conference room glass.

We offer a full range of commercial glass services and architectural products to meet the needs of any commercial consumer.

We specialize in interior conference rooms; storefront metal and glass install and/or replacement glass; Mirropane™ (two-way) glass; and more.  We work, already, with several reputable and local contractors in our Placer County area who entrust us with all of their glass needs!

Give us a call today to assist you with your project.



Bug Screens

Bug Screens
Bug screens are most commonly screened with fiberglass material as it is easy to use and is the least expensive of all window screen mesh.

We can repair or replace any screen, any size, any color.

If just the screen material itself is torn or worn away, bring in the existing screen frame and we’ll install new screen material in the frame to match existing. 

If the metal railing is broken we can make you a new screen with new pulls and springs. It’s best to bring in what you have so that we can duplicate it exactly.

We use Textilene 80% or 90% sun screen material which is a woven PVC coated polyester yarn that is formulated to withstand solar abuse. Textilene Solar Screen fabric is manufactured by Twichell and is designed to reduce heat transfer through windows by helping to eliminate a percentage of the sun’s harmful rays.  Solar Screen material also reduce the glare, as well as, daytime privacy.  Solar screens do not make direct contact with the glass surface which allows it to stop the heat before it reaches the glass.

It is strong, long lasting and will last a long time unless children or pets damage the material.

Textilene 80 is available in the following colors:  black; gray; brown; desert sand; white; beige; and platinum.  We have a sample which you can see if you visit our shop.


Wine Rooms | Wine Closets

Wine closets/rooms are housed within glass walls and will be a focal point of any entertaining space. We believe that people’s homes are the ultimate expression of who they are.

What is a wine closet and/or wine room?
An above ground wine cellar is often called a wine room, while a small wine cellar (fewer than 500 bottles) is sometimes termed a wine closet.

Transform a small space into a wine cellar


Many homeowners are transforming unused space in their homes into a small wine room, or wine closet.  The picture in our gallery displays a wine closet, in which the homeowner created to beautifully display their wine as an extension of their entertaining space.



Modern wine rooms are designed to serve as an elegant display area, as well as a fully functioning wine storage space.  Sliding glass door, walled wine cellars; under the stairs; or corner wine nooks are all the rave!  Wine enthusiasts are becoming quite creative in designing ways to showcase “vino”; while enhancing natural and unused space in their homes.

Turn an ordinary room or unused space into an extraordinary wine closet or room. 


Table Tops

Table top glass is usually typically either 3/16″ or 1/4″  in thickness; but can be 3/8″ and even 1/2″, if desired. If manufactured in-house the edges are seamed or ground to remove all sharp edges.  However, flat polish; pencil polish; and bevelled edge work needs to be special ordered. We can also do a flat-grind edge in-house which is a matte finish.

One of the most expensive aspect to consider for any table top glass is the edge work. It can vary from a simple, inexpensive seamed edge to a more costly bevelled edge. Bevelled edges can be anywhere from 1/2″ to 1-1/2″ and depends on the thickness of glass.

If you have a standard rectangular shaped furniture top that you wish to protect with glass, simply measure the exact width and length, and depth. Glass is priced by square foot so to quote we will need the exact dimensions.

If your table has an irregular shape, it is best if you can bring it into our shop where we can measure for you and take the guesswork out of it, for a perfect fit. In some instances, a pattern must be drawn. Intricate tables with cut-outs or odd shapes will require a pattern.