Glass table tops add shine while protecting any surface, making the surface more manageable to keep clean.

Table tops are custom made to your specifications and can be a variety of thickness, sizes, shapes, and edge work.

Glass tops enhance any table top, desk, dresser, coffee or end table; even inside wooden trays, making them easier to clean.

What’s the most common thickness for table tops? 

3/16″ – This is a good thickness for patio tables, small tables, inserts, and as glass protective table covers.

1/4″ – This is a good thickness for glass tabletops and glass protective table covers.

3/8″ – This is a good thickness for heavy, unsupported table tops where the glass is the only table top.

Glass can be either annealed which is regular glass, if broken it breaks into shards. Or, tempered, if broken it brakes in a million tiny, small pebble pieces. If you are using the table top for inside we highly recommend annealed. This way if and when the glass brakes you are not left with a huge mess to clean up. However, if you have little one’s pounding on the tabletop, you may want to consider tempered. All situations vary, but for outdoor glass it must be tempered for safety purposes.

Typically, table tops are special ordered with edge work.

The most common edge work types are:
» Flat Polish
» Pencil Polish
» Flat Grind
» Bevelled 1/2″ to 1-1/2″

All glass tabletops are custom made to your specifications.

Glass Shelves

Glass shelves add elegance to any room or cabinetry. Specialized edge-work gives the glass a great appearance and most often requires special ordering. Glass shelves are a great alternative to wooden shelving, providing enhanced beauty, light reflecting, versatility and extra storage space, while being low maintenance, yet strong and durable.

Glass shelves do not disappoint! And can fit into nearly any interior design because they are available in a variety of sizes, custom ordered to fit your needs.

Unlike traditional wooden shelves that darken up a space, glass shelves allow light to reflect from above and below, enhancing the natural beauty of what you choose to display on them. You can even get creative with lighting above or under the glass shelves to create a beautiful under-lighting effect that can “wow” at night time.

Glass Shelves for Bar

Standard edge-work is our standard finish and is included at no extra charge on all pieces. We call this the seamed edge. This is perfect for items that will be installed so that the edges of the glass will not be seen, these edges are sanded smooth so the glass is safe to handle but it is not necessarily decorative. Our standard edge work will follow industry standard tolerances. This can be done in-house and does not require special ordering.

It is not unusual for the cost of edge-work to exceed the cost of the glass. Some edge work requires a thick glass. A beveled edge cannot be applied to single-strength glass. A flat polish edge is just like it sounds, “flat”; however, a pencil polish edge is more rounded like a pencil. Both flat and pencil polishes are special order. However, in-house we can do a flat grind edge, which is a more frosted matte edge finish. Small edge work details can impact the overall desire and effect you are wanting to create in a space.

Dry Bar Salon Glass Shelves and Mirrors behind shelving we installed







If you have a custom idea for your edge work, give us a call. There’s a good chance that we can do it for you.



Table Tops

Table top glass is usually typically either 3/16″ or 1/4″  in thickness; but can be 3/8″ and even 1/2″, if desired. If manufactured in-house the edges are seamed or ground to remove all sharp edges.  However, flat polish; pencil polish; and bevelled edge work needs to be special ordered. We can also do a flat-grind edge in-house which is a matte finish.

One of the most expensive aspect to consider for any table top glass is the edge work. It can vary from a simple, inexpensive seamed edge to a more costly bevelled edge. Bevelled edges can be anywhere from 1/2″ to 1-1/2″ and depends on the thickness of glass.

If you have a standard rectangular shaped furniture top that you wish to protect with glass, simply measure the exact width and length, and depth. Glass is priced by square foot so to quote we will need the exact dimensions.

If your table has an irregular shape, it is best if you can bring it into our shop where we can measure for you and take the guesswork out of it, for a perfect fit. In some instances, a pattern must be drawn. Intricate tables with cut-outs or odd shapes will require a pattern.


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