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Functionality and Decorative Art

Functionality and Decorative Art

A mirror is a great asset when decorating a home. They’re functional and placed strategically they can visually enlarge a space. Decorative mirrors do double duty as beautiful pieces of art.

One of my personal decorative weaknesses ~ MIRRORS!

Mirrors are the simplest way to make any space feel bigger and lighter.

Custom Mirror Framed by Contractor

Mirrors are great for so many reasons—they reflect light, they open up spaces, they make rooms look better in general.

Placement Does Matter
Aside from placing it across from something visually appealing, a mirror should always be hung at the appropriate height for the space. Unlike art which should always be hung at eye level, mirror placement will depend on what you want to be reflected.

Don’t be afraid to use a large mirror in a small space. Mirrors create the illusion of depth and space, so they can really help make a smaller room feel much bigger! A full-length mirror leaning against the wall is a great decorative element to use in a tiny room.

And Don’t Forget ~ STYLE
Mirrors can be modern, traditional, edgy, classic – yes, pretty much anything you want it to be. It all depends on the frame. A good Contractor should be able to custom make you a frame that we can install mirror into. Consider what effect you want to create when choosing a mirror in a frame.