Easy to Clean Shower Glass Protectant

Easy to Clean Shower Glass Protectant

What is Diamon Fusion?
Diamon-Fusion (DF) is patented, a protective coating applied to the glass to help repel water and soap scum, and other contaminants – making it easier to clean. It reduces the amount of effort needed to clean. Just as with a non-stick cooking pan, the non-stick significantly reduces the time and effort of cleaning the pan.  Same analogy with the DF coating, it reduces the time and effort when cleaning the glass. It reduces cleaning time by approximately 90% with minimal care.

Diamon-Fusion is an “invisible” barrier that repels water and contaminants from sticking to the glass, leaving the glass more visibly appealing. It protects against hard water stains from calcium in the water; soap scum; minerals; and more.

DF Coating Comparison
Diamon-Fusion Coating and No Coating Comparison

Protection Guaranteed
Diamon-Fusion chemically adheres to glass transforming the glass surface into a high performance, hydrophobic surface that protects against staining and corrosion. One the Diamon-Fusion comes in contact with the glass it forms an invisible, thin, protective layer creating a permanent bond.

DF’s Patented Technology
Glass is porous so the surface allows hard water and mineral contaminants to penetrate the surface, causing an unwanted appearance. Diamon-Fusion seals the surface for longer lasting beauty and with less maintenance, than without it.

What do I use to clean the glass with a Diamon Fusion Coating?
Non-abrasive cleaners!  DF’s approved list of cleaners are the following:

*We carry Sprayaway in the store for sale
Simple Green
Ammonia Free Windex
White household vinegar diluted with water

Longer-Lasting Beautiful Appearance
Reduces cleaning time and frequency of cleaning necessary
Protects against limescale, soap scum, mineral contaminants
Optical clarity is guaranteed for the lifetime of the glass
Diamon-Fusion’s warranty guarantees that the coating will perform for the        lifetime of the glass as long as the basic care instructions are followed
      *You must register DF online after the installation
** You will be given a “How To Register” card by one our Installers
UV Resistant, sunlight won’t break down the coating

Diamon-Fusion keeps the glass looking beautiful longer.

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