Swinging (Hinged) Shower Doors
Cardinal shower doors are available in four main categories. The "Continuous Hinge Door" is available in either framed (Model CFCD) or frameless designs (Model CD).  The "Craftsman Series Door" (CRFD) is also a fully framed doors. The "Pivot Door" (PD) utilizes special constructed pivots at the top and bottom of the hinged side and is a frameless design.

Standard Height: 69" Available Heights: 72", 75", 80", 90"
single door
Single door
Std. Height: 66 5/8"
door w/inline panel
Door with inline panel
door w/90 degree return
Door with 90 return panel
door w/inline and 90 degree panel
Door with inline and 90 return panel
door w/neo-angle panels
Door with neo-angle panels