Patio Door Screens
  Sliding patio door screens can be re-screened with standard 18 x 16 insect screening material or with a high performance material such as SunTex80 or 90 which is a heavy duty, pet resistant material. For more info about each type, see "Window Screens" or "Shade Screens".  
  For additional safeguards against large or heavy pets, consider installing a "pet guard" screen on the exterior surface of your sliding screen door. These expanded aluminum metal screens come pre-painted in several colors and are sized to fit standard three foot or four foot wide doors.  
  Replacement sliding screen doors are available but the height varies greatly between the manufacturers of the original patio door frame. There are two main types of frame material used for patio screen doors, either roll formed or extruded aluminum. The rolled formed doors are the cheap, inexpensive doors that you'll find at the big orange Home Centers and other discount places. They tend to be very flimsy and are difficult to hold their shape and more difficult to adjust for proper rolling. The best quality doors are made of extruded aluminum and will last many years with minimal maintenance problems. We keep in stock the most common heights found in the area and they are available in white painted, bronze painted, and mill finish to match the original. Custom sizes can be fabricated at additional costs. If you have the old worn out door available, either carefully measure it or bring it into our shop where we can verify the exact dimensions.