Window Glass - Single Glazed
Single glazed windows are usually the least expensive to repair: you only have one layer of glass to replace compared to the two or more layers used in insulated glass products.

Your window is probably a wood, sliding aluminum, or steel framed held in by either glazing compound (putty), or a vinyl u-shaped gasket surrounding the edge of the glass. Some large picture windows may use a wood or metal removable stop that holds the glass in position. Most smaller windows use a "single-strength" window glass but any pane with one dimension over 48" will  probably be "double-strength". If in doubt, bring in a sample of the broken glass to our shop and we'll advise the proper glass to be used for replacement.

Single strength costs around $2.50 per square foot and double-strength is around $3.00 per square foot. Aluminum windows that use the u-shaped vinyl gasket must use the same exact glass thickness. Glass going into the older wood, steel, or aluminum frames with putty can actually be any thickness but some common sense requirements usually apply.

Trying to get the exact size replacement glass is difficult for the novice. Usually the newer aluminum framed windows that use the u-shaped gasket will have glass of either full inch or half-inch sizes, but there are many exceptions. For example, your glass size could be 34" x 44". Glass in the older putty type windows or windows with removable stops of wood or metal can often be of any dimension and frequently the size will include fractions, for example, 24-3/8" X 36-3/16". If your broken window sash is removable, bring it into our shop and we'll attempt to determine your exact dimensions for you.