Patio Door Glass


Patio door glass can be either single glazed or dual glazed. Most homes built within the past 15 years will have dual-glazed units.

Most manufacturers of patio door units use a standard glass size but unfortunately not all are using the same thickness of glass or the same overall thickness of the unit. Most of the dual-glazed units are 5/8" thick but some manufacturers use 1/8" glass while others may use 3/16" glass. Generally speaking, the thicker the dead air space between the panes of glass, the better the insulation factor.

Replacing the glass in a patio door is usually a job that is best left for the professionals but Rocklin Glass & Mirror will assist anyone who wishes to tackle it themselves. If you can remove the patio door panel from the opening, bring it into to our shop and we'll be glad to advise the proper size and thickness of glass that you need.

There is one other requirement about patio door glass that differs from regular window glass: safety glazing codes apply. The glass used in patio doors is safety tempered glass. Once the raw sheet of glass has been tempered, it can no longer be cut thus the reason for the manufacturers settling in on "standard" sizes. Some common sizes are 34" x 76" (for a 3 foot wide panel) and 46" x 76" (for a 4 foot wide panel) and are generally stocked. Custom sizes are available but require special ordering.

Patio door glass that has a tinted color or internal grids is always a special order. Typical prices for 34" x 76" insulated glass units start at $150.00 and go up from there.

Rocklin Glass & Mirror will recommend that if the glass in the sliding panel portion is being replaced, then a close inspection of the rollers at the bottom rail is often necessary. If there is any noticeable wear or noise, then now is the most economical time to replace them. Every manufacturer has their own design of rollers, handles, and locks. There is no such thing as a "standard" design of any piece of patio door hardware. Most roller units can be replaced at a cost of $5 to $9 each but some can cost more.