Furniture and Table Tops
  Standard table top glass is usually either 3/16" or 1/4" thick. The edges are seamed or ground to remove all sharp edges. Some very small tops such as macramé holders may actually be only 1/8" double-strength window glass.

Clear glass is commonly used for such tops. So called "smoked" glass tops are actually either "gray" or "bronze" glass but there are some other limited colors that may be available or can be special ordered. Here are some commonly available glass colors and their thicknesses:
  • 1/8" Clear*
  • 1/8" Bronze*
  • 1/8" Gray
  • 1/8" Gray-31*
  • 3/16 Clear*
  • 3/16" Bronze
  • 3/16" Gray
  • 1/4" Clear*
  • 1/4" Bronze*
  • 1/4" Gray*
  • 1/4" Gray-14*
  • 1/4" Evergreen
  • 1/4" Blue
  • 1/4" Solar-Cool Bronze (reflective)
  • 1/4" Solar-Cool Gray (reflective)
  • 1/4" Mirror (reflective)
Items marked with the *asterisk are generally in stock. Other items are subject to stock on hand or could be ordered usually within 48 hours.

If you have a standard rectangular shaped furniture top that you wish to protect with glass, simply measure the exact width and length. Decide if you want clear or tinted glass and we'll be happy to give you an exact price quote. If your table has an irregular shape, it is best if you can bring it into our shop where we will make the exact measurements.

One of the most expensive aspect to consider for any table top glass is the EDGEWORK. This can vary from a simple, inexpensive seamed edge to a more costly beveled edge.

Click HERE for some examples of edgework.

The showroom at Rocklin Glass & Mirror has samples of all different types of glass, colors, patterns, and samples of the different seamed, ground, polished, and beveled edges.