If the edges of the glass are to be covered, such as in a picture frame, then no edgework is required. Such glass is referred to as "clean cut". The edges are sharp to handle so care is required.

If the edges are exposed, such as in most table tops, then edgework ranging from a seamed edge up to a beveled edge is required. It is not unusual for the cost of the edgework to exceed the cost of the glass. Some of the more fancy edgework processes require a thick glass. For example, a beveled edge can not be applied to single-strength window glass. OG edgework can not be applied to double-strength window glass. The office crew at Rocklin Glass & Mirror can explain to you the exact glass thickness requirements for any of the following sample edges:

Flat Profile

Pencil Profile

Bullnose Profile

Beveled Profile

Waterfall Profile

Triple Pencil Profile

OG Edge Profile

Below are some pictures of the actual edgework process on clear glass...

Beaded Bevel


Bullnose Bevel

Flat Grind

Flat Polish


OG Edge

Pencil Grind

Pencil Polish

Seamed Edge

Triple Pencil