Insulating Glass Units
The replacement of dual-glazed insulating glass units is really a specialty that you should leave up to the professionals. However, with a little experience and know-how, you can replace broken or defective units yourself with a minimum of time and effort.

Not only is the exact size required, but usually the exact same thickness must be reused. Unfortunately window manufacturers use a variety of thickness and the components to make up those thickness can vary from one to another. For instance, two insulated glass units may both be 1/2" in total thickness but one may use single-strength for both panes while the other may use double-strength for both panes. The technical differences between the two types are minor in both appearance and costs.

For the maximum savings in replacing broken dual-pane windows, attempt to remove the sliding or fixed portion of the window in its own sub-frame. Bring the sub-frame with the broken glass into our shop and we will measure for and order your exact replacement unit. When the replacement unit arrives from the factory, you can return the sub-frame to our shop for installation or opt to attempt your own installation.

The average cost of clear insulating glass units is around $10 per square foot for rectangular shaped units. Tinted glass, grids, argon filled, or special films such as "Low-E" on the glass will increase the cost significantly. All insulated glass units sold and installed by Rocklin Glass carry a 10-year non-prorated manufacturer's warranty and a 1-year warranty on labor.

If your insulating glass is not broken but has "fogged up" on the inside, then the seal around the edges of the glass has failed for some reason. We suggest that rather than just replace the glass, you determine exactly what caused the seal to fail so that you avoid the problem in the future. Generally, insulated glass units will fail if they are installed without proper drainage or have inadequate side clearances. It is for these reasons that we suggest you leave this job for the pros.